Congress Park


Located in the Congress Park neighborhood of Denver, Colorado, this stunning historic home was in need of some bold personality. We worked closely with our client to reimagine four key areas in the home: a grand staircase, a high-traffic powder room, an ensuite bathroom for their teenage son and a social sunroom/bar.


Debbie and her family loved their stately Edwardian home in the desirable Congress Park neighborhood but felt that it was lacking in personality. They wanted their home to reflect their natural vibe: fun with flair.

With a natural eye for design, Debbie was the perfect partner for our team. She knew exactly what she was looking for, made quick decisions, and worked collaboratively to help us bring her vision to life. She was craving top-to-bottom drama that would make an unforgettable statement and impress guests. 


Each area came with its own set of considerations and challenges, but the final look flows flawlessly.

Looking at the home through the eyes of a visitor, the grand staircase took up a lot of visual weight but was missing the “wow” factor. The brown and tan color scheme left a lot to be desired. We wanted to create a breathtaking moment of awe so we chose a natural wood stain that offered depth and ensured cohesion between the steps and the gorgeous wooden floors. A custom, navy blue rug brought in the rhythmic elegance we needed to achieve that moment of pure “wow”.

In the powder room, monochrome tile, white walls and a claustrophobic feel were reminiscent of a public restroom. As the only bathroom on the main level of the house, it was frequented by the whole family and all of their guests. Moody color choices helped create the illusion of space, evoke a sense of luxury and bring major drama to a small space.

Their teenage son wanted an updated bathroom free from old, peeling paint, a defunct fan, and an outdated tub with clashing tile. We donated the bathtub, salvaged as many fixtures as we could and made this bath feel brand new. Clean pops of navy energize the space while the thoughtful layout naturally discourages clutter.

With a monochrome vanilla scheme throughout, the sunroom/bar felt lifeless and uninspired. Debbie wanted the space to keep pace with her vibrant social gatherings. The addition of beautiful, eco-friendly emerald tile, a focal facade for the fireplace, and checkerboard marble floors added sophistication, sexiness and sparked an inviting tone that’s perfect for connection and conversation.


While we wanted to strike that beautiful balance between celebrating the transcendent age of the home and refreshing it with more modern elements, we did run into a few challenges along the way. 

As we started on the staircase, we noticed the original nickel screws commanded attention. Fortunately, the stain effectively changed the appearance of the hardware, allowing them to blend in with the surrounding woodgrain. 

In the powder room, 52” wide wallpaper panels made the application complex. It was certainly an exercise in patience but the final room is gorgeous


A fellow music lover, Debbie finds inspiration through listening, playing, and singing. We honored her love of the arts by echoing musical principles throughout the house. Everything we touched leans into balance, repetition and harmony – just like a fabulous musical composition.

Our reimagined spaces deliver simplified elegance with a moody edge. The eyes have plenty to feast on with beats of rest in between. 

The grand staircase earned its name, the powder room surged to life with opulent gold touches, their son’s en suite bathroom is a streamlined study in clean lines, style and utility, and the luxe sunroom/bar finally found its purpose – enabling guests to relax in a chic, loungelike haven that feels supernaturally timeless.

Now Debbie and her family have a prime place for entertaining and making memories. Thank you for trusting us to put your signature on your beautiful, historic home.