Recom Power Inc.


Tenant Improvement & Office Furniture. Arvada Colorado. Completed in 2017.


This international business had made the bold decision to move their US headquarters from New York to Colorado. They had found a lovely office with a beautiful pond, tucked away from the busy traffic route nearby.


This company, based in Austria, makes power converters. They had a need to increase their sales staff quite quickly. We needed to plan for open-office benching systems, a few private offices, conference room, break room, and employee lounge. Our clients were looking for a modern aesthetic that would stand the test of time. The European vibe had to be evident, and we wanted to feature the Austrian roots as much as possible.


Though this TI project was rather straightforward, we had to be sure that everything fit within the timeline for the property management company, landlord, and our clients. The most challenging space to design was the employee lounge. At the time our clients took possession, this soon-to-be lounge was an empty room enclosed with glass. It felt as though you were on display while inside the room, and that was not the vibe we were after.


We were able to coordinate rather efficiently on the finish selections such as carpet, wall base, paint colors, and power/data locations. Once these design decisions were made, we could focus on the furniture and more importantly what to do with the lounge.

To embody the European modern look, we went with charcoal and white for our benching system. Benching is a term we use to describe the workstations seen on our sales floor in this project. We followed suit in the private offices and conference room for continuity.

Now, let’s talk about that lounge. We were inspired by the nature of the business, the word ‘power,’ and the product that is produced and sold by our client. ‘Power’ got us thinking about circuit boards and the color came to mind: green! We landed on a creative design utilizing a vinyl application over the glass wall and door. This provided a visual boundary to the space but offered a bit of fun as the motif was the lines and forms you might find on a circuit board. With the room painted in a bold green behind the glass, we achieved the effect in mind. Noise was a concern since glass tends to bounce sound around, so we treated the walls with a sound-dampening panel in a fun form.

Lastly, we wanted to ensure that we carried a bit of Austria into the space. The lovely thing about Austria is that the landscape is like that of our beautiful, Colorado mountains. We chose to feature an assortment of color photography from both Austria and Colorado throughout the office suite. All in, this was a great client to work for and the outcome was playful yet professional.