Bathroom & Closet Renovation, Arvada Colorado. Completed in 2019


These fabulous clients came to us looking for a retreat. They had just closed on their new home together and needed help making sense of the modest ensuite in their primary bedroom. The closet forced the bathroom as it existed into a long, narrow, and unpleasant space.


These ladies needed a refuge they could enter where the noise of everyday life would melt away. An adult space away from the little ones, and a place all their own. They wanted to add daylight, open the shower, and the biggest dream on the list? A lavish soaking tub with style and class. We had our work cut out for us.


The closet was arranged in such a way that it forced the bathroom into a shotgun space with little daylight. We knew we had to plan the space in such a way that we could gain enough area to place a large, freestanding tub, yet still allow for adequate storage. The natural daylight that came in, did so through a tiny 18-inch window in the closet. Drastic changes needed to take place in order to achieve our dreams


As with most successful remodels, it was clever space planning that laid the foundation for inspiring transformation. By cutting the closet space in half and removing a few interior walls, we were able to open the room to greater possibilities. (Don’t worry, with a little bit of smart planning we were still able to maximize storage and efficiency inside the closet!)

Increasing the size of the window at the far end of the space was a must. Though the roofline made this a tricky feat, we were able to gain quite a bit of daylight. The additional daylight helps to visually lift and open the space.

The details are where this project truly shines. From the custom ordered chandelier, to the well-tailored, coordinating wall sconce, to the French curve on each faucet handle, this space speaks luxury. The gentle arabesque was a wise form to lay on the shower floor and contrasts nicely with the shower wall tile. When it came time to select a color, we were careful to select a delicious and nurturing pink tone. By applying the same color all over, we raised the ceiling from view to create this dream retreat.