Open floor plan in denver


This light remodel and furniture design included a basement TV room, reading room, and guest room, as well as a main level living room with an open floor plan. We provided guidance on new paint colors and flooring in the basement, while designing new furnishings for all areas within the scope.

This home is in the Cory Merrill neighborhood in Denver, Colorado. Spark Interiors completed the project in fall 2021.


Our clients, two parents and two teenagers, purchased the Cory Merrill house with the intention to move in after the new house was remodeled and furnished. There were members of this family that had mobility and respiratory challenges, so living in a construction zone wasn’t an option. 

When our clients came to us they felt overwhelmed and unsure. The construction and layout changes were already underway for the basement and they needed help directing the contractor. Slowly but surely, all the stressors and little decisions that come with buying, renovating, and styling a home were adding up. 

As two parents with demanding jobs, they realized early on that placing orders, tracking products, and receiving items as they arrived wasn’t the best use of their time. So, they sought out the help needed in Spark Interiors. 

They were looking for a style that felt slightly bohemian and relaxed, but with a more tailored fit. Our clients are from abroad, and they brought with them a beautiful collection of paintings from the Russian Cubism art movement, along with a robust collection of books and decor. These items were a  dream to style with! 

We took on this client with a lot of excitement because of their unique furniture and art collection. We knew we could create a one-of-a-kind space utilizing a few of  the pieces they already owned.


Our clients wanted to make the most of their open floor plan. Not only was the main level open concept, but so was the basement. 

The lower level needed a light remodel. The staircase dropped into the middle of a large white room with a concrete floor when our clients purchased the home. It created a cold, vast, and unwelcoming feeling. 

The book collection and reading space was a priority so we designed built-in bookshelves along most of a new partition wall to increase storage in this area. The client also wanted to maximize the space by creating separate zones for the family members to enjoy. Our client was most excited about the cozy little reading nook we tucked under the stairs, and she gets credit for the idea, too! Lastly we needed to use color to make the space feel warm and inviting. New paint colors were a necessity.

The final vision was a space that felt more like individual rooms, rather than one large open space. This would allow them to change the use of the space depending on their need at the moment.

On the main level, our clients needed furnishings to fill their new living room. This home was an upgrade to a bigger house than their previous one, and they weren’t quite sure how to make use of all the open space.

Our clients knew they wanted the TV to be downstairs, so the upstairs living room could be a space for entertaining and spending time together. Their ideal living room space would create a zone for intentional use, separating it from the stair landing, living room, and dining room. 

While the debate on whether open floor plans are still in style or out of style continues, what matters most isn’t how your home’s divided. It’s how you make use of the space regardless of its divisions. 

  • Intentional use of open space
  • Storage for books downstairs and a cozier feel
  • A reading lounge for the teens
  • Furnishings that emphasized health and comfort for all family members
  • Low pile rugs with low/no VOC chemicals
  • A comfortable TV area
  • Make the most of their existing furniture and art

The first challenge we needed to address was taking over the tasks that were already in motion and overwhelming our client. As a full service interior design firm, we were able to step in and help the contractors finish the wall, pick out the flooring, and advise on the paint colors. 

There were only two flooring options available to us since the contractor had already been hired. We ran with one of the options, rather than making the client wait another three to six months for other flooring options. 

Some material types are often affected by our dry, Colorado climate. Many furniture products that are shipped from overseas crack when they reach our dry mountain climate. Most folks doing a furniture upgrade on their own might send the product back, causing serious delays. 

Our team has expert repair people to help us out when this happens. Plus, we’re able to efficiently file claims on behalf of our clients, so the repair doesn’t come out of their pocket. A few pieces in this install arrived damaged and needed repairs. You’d never know it if you saw them now, though!  

This project took place at the height of COVID. There were long waiting periods before install due to supply chain issues. Our team had to carefully track everything to ensure all products arrived and didn’t stay in storage for too long. 

We had to be very intentional with each rug we selected, given that one of the family members has mobility restrictions. The rug pile couldn’t be over a certain thickness, so we sourced low pile rugs to ensure all family members would be able to get around safely. 

Since one of the family members also has respiratory concerns, we worked to find flooring, carpeting and paint with no or low VOCs. Our clients also had the air ducts cleaned before they officially moved in. This is something we recommend for folks who are doing construction work and have allergies or asthma.

  • Directing existing contractors and relieving clients of overwhelm and stress
  • Picking out a flooring option that would tie in well with the house
  • Making intentional zones in two very open spaces that felt empty
  • Repairing wood furniture that arrived cracked
  • Tracking all items in the height of COVID with supply chain issues
  • Sourcing low pile rugs to support our client’s mobility
  • Ensuring all products were no or low VOC

Picking up the Pieces

First, we worked with our client so she could direct her contractor to finish the wall downstairs. Spark Interiors picked out flooring and paint colors that could make the space feel cozy. We selected bookshelves made of natural materials to line the new wall and add warmth. The area behind the wall downstairs became a storage space. 

Developing a Unique, Stand Out Color Palette

We used the client’s collection of Russian Cubism pieces as inspiration for our color scheme. Color pops of red, yellow, blue and teal were a priority in each room. 

The red stool, red chair, yellow chair, all paintings, most of the pillows, and many of the knick knacks were items that the client already had. We sought out items that could accentuate these unique pieces. 

Open Floor Concept Meets Intentional Spaces

We created different zones downstairs so our clients could maximize their use. One of the teenager’s favorite yellow chairs was used in the basement reading room. There is also a designated TV space. 

Our clients told us they’d envisioned a reading nook under the stairs, and we ran with the idea. We created a nook with soft blankets, extra pillows, and string twinkle lights. It’s one of our favorite parts of this remodel – we could lay there all day! 

A Home for Each Unique Piece of Art

The stunning collection of art, knick-knacks and furniture are the true gems in this project. They were all so beautiful and deserved their own space to shine! 

Megan, our principal designer, often conducts an “Art Placement” appointment with our clients where she walks them through where, and how, to hang each piece. There were so many gems, we were able to help the client hang art on all three levels of their home. 

Sustainable Touches

Our design firm always keeps sustainability top of mind and supports client’s with eco-friendly choices when possible. 

For this furniture design and light remodel, we selected pieces made of natural materials. All the furniture is high-quality, and should last the family a lifetime. 

We drew inspiration from the pieces the client already had, repurposing furnishings rather than starting from scratch. 

Plus, we were able to find sustainable materials that also supported a family member with respiratory concerns. 

Prioritizing Changes

Spark Interiors helped prioritize the elements that needed to change immediately given the client’s budget. While our client didn’t love the style of the fireplace upstairs, it’s still functional for the time being, fits with the room, and can be updated in the future. 

High-Touch, Full Service Design Support

We took the overwhelming parts of the project off their hands. Throughout the entire process, our clients accepted only the rugs on their own to save on storage costs due to the pandemic. 

The rest of the furniture was sent to our receiving warehouse and delivered on install day. On installation day, our principal designer met our expert installers at our client’s residence. She inspected the pieces for any damages, and then directed our warehouse team on where to place each piece. 

Megan always stays until there isn’t a cushion out of place!


A home that once felt cavernous, with three stories of open floor plan now feels warm, homey, cozy, and complete. There’s not a single space in this lightly remodeled and fully furnished home that feels undone. 

As our clients find their day to day routine in their new home, each doing so in their own ways, we hope they feel grateful the project is complete, and like it’s really theirs

We loved lending our expertise to this room design, furniture selection, and partial remodel.

If you’re like this client, you might have recently upgraded your home. This can mean there’s a lot of extra space left to fill. A designer can help you decide how you want to use the space. Then, we’ll be able to plan, design, and furnish for your lifestyle. 

If you’re like this client, you may also have curated unique pieces and are wondering how you can make them all work. Your favorite pieces of art, a special chair, or fun decor deserves to be showcased. We can help these items stand out in a room and show you where to place, hang, and coordinate with new pieces. 

Is your space living up to the vision of what you’d like it to be? Is it functional and practical for your family? If not, we should talk.