When You Should Splurge On Expensive Furniture


When you are decorating a home or office, the costs can add up pretty quick. In many cases, bending to the will of a budget crunch can actually lead to more expenses over time. Now, as with anything, not all expensive furniture is created equal, but there are a few cases when you want to splurge to ensure you’re getting a quality piece that will withstand time and usage for your home.

Furniture Can Affect Your Livelihood

As a general rule of thumb, furniture that affects your day-to-day life should be high-quality. If you use a piece on a regular basis, you may want to consider investing in a well-made, more expensive piece of furniture. If you skimp on things like your mattress or your desk chair, you may find yourself regretting it when your body doesn’t have the support it needs.

When To Buy The Expensive Furniture

Let’s talk about the pieces that you want to budget for and invest in.


Your sofa is the center of your living space and is often one of the more expensive furniture pieces in a home. Aside from your bed, the sofa is likely to be where you spend most of your seated time while at home. You want a piece that is comfortable and durable so that it can hold up against regular usage without breaking down.

A high-quality sofa is not necessarily the most expensive furniture in the showroom. Expect that it will be an investment, but don’t get too caught up on the price tag. Instead, look for these specific hallmarks of a high-quality sofa:

  • a frame made of kiln-dried hardwood
  • joints that have been reinforced
  • eight-way hand tied springs supporting the seat
  • high-density foam cushion

When you invest in these attributes for your sofa, you’ll be sure to acquire a comfortable couch that retains it look for a long time.


The average person will spend about one-third of their life in bed. That’s quite a bit of time so you’ll definitely want to look for a higher-quality, more expensive furniture piece. The signs of a high-quality mattress include reinforced edges with expert stitching and construction. These features result in a mattress that minimizes motion transfer, comfortably conforms to the body, and distributes weight evenly for a good night’s sleep. Mattresses have a wide variety of price points so you will want to consider buying more expensive furniture that still meets your budget criteria to get the best of both worlds.

Window Treatments

While we wouldn’t necessarily call nice window treatments “expensive furniture,” they are definitely a home good that’s worth investing in the higher-quality option for. Your windows are often a focal point in your home, so you want to make them look their best to give your home’s décor the finishing touches and comprehensive look it needs. Not only do window treatments complete a look, but they can actually help increase the efficiency of your home by blocking out light and heat in heavily windowed spaces to keep your heating and cooling systems from having to work overtime.


If you’ve ever been in a home that has light colored, factory issued carpet, we don’t have to tell you that it takes a beating. Flooring is a feature in your home that you certainly want to invest in, not only because it will look nice for much longer than a lesser-quality alternative but also because a more expensive, higher-quality flooring material will dramatically reduce the maintenance it requires. Regular, heavy-duty carpet shampooing is not always in the cards – and even if it was, that’s no way to enjoy your time spent in your home. Additionally, you don’t want to have to continue to replace your flooring. It’s worth it to invest in the best materials you can afford, so that you’re not having to buy flooring again every few years.

Is It Worth It To Splurge On Expensive Furniture?

Previously, we talked about whether or not it makes sense to buy expensive furniture. For some pieces in your home, there’s no need to worry about getting top of the line materials, but for other pieces, like the ones we’ve mentioned above, investing in high-quality, more expensive furniture can significantly improve your livelihood.

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