What Really Goes Into A Remodeling Project


Is there anything better than a Sunday afternoon spent binge-watching your favorite renovation television show? It’s easy to become captivated by happy-go-lucky couples taking on massive remodeling projects and revealing a beautiful result that side-steps every complication in between the commercial breaks of an hour-long episode. One downside to the popularization of this type of entertainment is that when it comes time to execute your own remodeling project, it is quite an eye-opening experience.

As an interior design firm in Denver, we know all too well the hidden problems that can come up during a remodeling project if the right steps aren’t taken from the very beginning. To ensure our clients can get the end result they are looking for within their ideal timeline and budget restrictions, we’ve incorporated a highly-strategic phase into our design process. The design discovery and project exploration phase is essential to understanding what your property, budget, and timeline will allow and achieving the desired end-result of your remodeling efforts.

The Phases Of Design Discovery And Project Exploration

This phase of a remodeling project is barely glanced over when you’re catching up on your favorite house flipping TV show marathon, but trust us – those interior designers and contractors are going through the same process prior to knocking down walls and tearing out cabinets.

1. Field Study

The first step in any remodeling project includes taking extensive measurements of your space or property. When you work with Spark Interiors, an experienced representative will come out to your site to measure the floor plan, doors, windows, openings, and potential restrictions, such as vents, HVAC systems, structural walls and beams, and more. A thorough site evaluation will be performed by an expert to limit the potential for costly or detrimental surprises that could appear later in the project. We will also take photos and videos of the site.

2. Drawings

Our design team will use the information gathered in the field study phase to create drawings that effectively communicate the initial design intent to contractors. This will include a floor plan “as built” for each area that will be designed, as well as conceptual floor plans that are based on the desired outcome of the remodeling project. These conceptual floor plans will feature any layout changes, removal of structural elements or additions the client wishes to see in the space. This process is labor-intensive and detailed-oriented for one key reason: to get the most accurate construction bids for the project.

3. Aesthetic Concept

The next phase of the design discovery and project exploration includes a mood board and color story for each area that will be designed by Spark Interiors. This information will help guide the project, while also preventing unforeseen changes down the line that could end up putting the project outside of the expected budget.

4. Bid Request & Master Project Budget

The next step is to talk budget. We will send out formal bid requests to our network of contractors and schedule meetings accordingly. From there, we will put together a detailed proposed budget that includes the costs for the anticipated materials and finishes that will be included in each space that will be designed. We will then combine these totals with the most favorable construction bids for a comprehensive project total.

5. Project Review

This meeting will include all decision makers to discuss the findings of the design discovery and project exploration and determine the most appropriate steps for moving forward.

The Value Of Research In A Remodeling Project

Now, we know what you’re thinking: when are you going to select the beautiful fabrics, oversee the construction of custom-made furniture, and dramatically reveal the end result of the remodeling project? If you’re thinking this phase doesn’t seem all that exciting – you’re right. This type of in-depth research doesn’t make for very good TV. It does, however, make for a really good experience working with an interior designer for a remodeling project.

You simply can’t put a number on the value of the design discovery and project exploration phase of a remodeling project. At the conclusion of this phase, you will:

  • Know exactly what you will spend and opportunities for potential changes to total cost
  • Have a clear floor plan and design concept for the aforementioned cost
  • Be provided with a master list of the materials, fixtures, and finishes for the project, along with the cost of each item

This ensures that you have the maximum amount of information available regarding the cost and scope of your remodeling project before you’re in a position where you can’t turn back. This helps you position both you and your designer for a positive remodeling experience and successful outcome.

Working With Spark Interiors For Your Remodeling Project

At Spark Interiors, we take transparency very seriously. Feeling confident that the designer you’ve chosen is a good fit for you is essential to the success of your project and you can only feel that way if you have all the information. If you are interested in remodeling a space in your home or office, contact Spark Interiors today to start the process.



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