Make Your Guests Feel Like VIPs with Your Guest Room Interior Design


A bed has a cup of tea and breakfast resting on a tray on top of it in a guest bedroom.

Whether you’re someone who has guests every weekend, or if you have guests once a quarter, you want to make whoever is staying in your guest bedroom feel like a VIP. But leaving a great impression on the guests who stop by requires a little planning ahead of time.

That said, when was the last time someone complimented your guest bedroom? Have they mentioned getting a good night’s sleep? Has anyone ever asked to stay an extra day or two?

If your answer is no, don’t worry. It likely means it’s time to freshen up, or completely redesign your guest bedroom. With a little intentionality, you can leave all your guests with a great impression.

Furniture That Every Guest Bedroom Needs

There are some things in a guest bedroom you shouldn’t compromise on. Bottom line – you need a comfortable bed. Your guests have spent time traveling. Whether they’re coming from halfway across the planet or right down the road, everyone wants a good night’s sleep. Select a bed that’s medium-firm as these tend to be the best mattresses for many sleeping positions. 

Once you’ve got the mattress sorted out, invest in quality sheets and pillows. Your mattress could be the most comfortable bed in the world but scratchy or papery sheets will ruin your guests’ sleep. We also love to see a sustainable sheet in a guest bedroom, like the high-quality sustainable sheets done by Sheets and Giggles

Include at least one nightstand, and if there’s room, place one on either side of the bed. Aim to have a nightstand near an outlet so guests can charge their phones. If there isn’t an outlet nearby, consider finding a discreet way to run an extension cord to make charging electronics and setting alarms easier. You’ll also want to include a reading light for your guests. We love hanging pendant lights for this (especially if you have a small nightstand). 

Install a ceiling fan if your guest bedroom doesn’t have one. You never want your guests to be unable to sleep because they’re too hot. A ceiling fan can help circulate air and provide white noise for better rest. You’ll also want to invest in blackout curtains, which can help mitigate the light and sound while your guests are sleeping. 

A full length mirror is a great touch in any room. It can reflect light from open windows and make guests feel more confident when they leave the room. If you feel like you don’t have room for a full length mirror, mount one on the back of the door. 

While many guest bedrooms can be a little snug, if you have room for a chair– do it! This will give your guests a place to sit, read, make phone calls, and check their emails. Creating a separate space for work and sleep can also help your guests sleep better. 

Don’t forget to provide your guests with a clean set of towels! Putting the towels in the guest bedroom lets your guests know that those towels are meant for them, unlike the decorative towels in your guest bathroom.

Last, be sure to create an intentional space to store luggage. This can help them feel settled and comfortable in your space if they’re staying for long periods of time. If you don’t have room in a closet or wardrobe for luggage storage, consider getting a bench that is large enough to store luggage underneath. In extra tight spaces, you can add a suitcase rack inside of the closet so that your guests can keep the room free of luggage.

A guest bedroom is styled to be clean and cozy with blankets, books, and plants.
Provide your guests with everything they’ll need in their guest bedroom, including a good book just in case they forget theirs!

Provide Your Guests with General Pleasantries

Staying in a home that doesn’t have wifi is likely few and far between these days. Your guests will want to be able to connect easily without inconveniencing you, sometimes with multiple devices. Displaying your wifi password in your guest bedroom, where it’s easy to find, can create a convenient experience for your guests. 

Some visitors are likely to forget things while they’re traveling from one place to the next. Putting things like an extra phone chargers in your guest bedroom nightstand can be helpful. And, you won’t have to pass a charger back and forth. 

Please, don’t make your guests ask you for a place to hang their clothes, especially if they’re visiting you for an event like a reunion or wedding. Provide a handful of hangers in your closet or wardrobe space with extra room for their clothes. If they’re having to put their clothes into a packed closet, they’re also likely to forget things! 

No wardrobe space? Consider mounting wall hooks in your guest bedroom to give your guests somewhere to hang their clothes and jackets.

Last but not least, don’t forget a box of tissues just in case they need them!  

Bathroom Products for Your Guest Bedroom that Everyone Forgets

As we mentioned earlier, forgetting things is common for many guests. By having extra toiletries on hand, you’ll be able to anticipate your guests’ needs without making them ask you for the things they forgot. Here are a couple of things we always include:

Everything linked in this list is a great compostable or zero waste option to help reduce the use of single-use plastic products. There’s no sense in sending a toothbrush that’s only been used once to landfills.

Create Their Home Sweet Away From Home

The little things are the things that will really help your guests feel at home. Consider purchasing a book that you can leave in your guest bedroom, like this book of Hotel Secrets. You can also invest in a handful of classics or a colorful book wall! This is a great addition if your guest forgets their book. 

A candle can also create a comfortable and cozy feeling. And, fresh flowers curate a similar experience if they are especially fragrant. Your guests will also never be upset to have an extra blanket or two in their room! Other ideas to include:

  • Hanging a eucalyptus bouquet in the shower to create a spa experience. 
  • Keeping two robes in the guest closet next to the empty hangers. Make sure the door to the closet is open when your guests arrive.
  • Provide your guests with an alarm clock in case they need it.  
  • If your friend is a regular visitor, frame a photo of the two of you and put it up in the room. You can have multiple framed photos that you place out depending on who’s visiting. 

If you have guests who tend to stay for a significant amount of time, be sure to include a waste basket, and a hamper. These two additions can help them keep their space clear of traveling clutter. 

If you know that your guest bedroom can be a little chilly, you can get a small space heater to warm the space. And, if your guests bring pets, don’t forget a pet bed for the four-legged visitors! 

We also love the touch of a guest book that someone can sign during their visit or when they’re leaving. It can be a fun reminder of previous trips and a good catalogue of precious memories.

A guest bedroom guest book, a pair of glasses, a candle, and a plant all are on top of a desk.
Don’t forget a candle and a guest book for your guests to sign!

When Designing, Go Big!

One great part about your guest room is that no one is living in this space for a long period of time… usually. Instead it’s a bit of a transient space, which means you can dream big! And by dream big we mean pick some fun colors, invest in funky wallpaper, or create an aesthetic that’s bolder than the rest of your home. 

Be sure to still keep the room on theme for the rest of your place. You wouldn’t want a bohemian themed guest bedroom in an ultra modern, Scandinavian minimalist style house. That said, you could buy a bed frame that’s a unique color, or an unexpected piece of art. Even with this unique piece in your guest bedroom, you can still keep the Scandinavian minimalist qualities throughout the rest of the room. 

While your guest room is a space to relax and rest in, that doesn’t mean you can’t make a big impression!

Advice for Guest Rooms that Double as Another Room

Sometimes piecing together your guest bedroom means considering a room that has a dual purpose. We love making use of practical spaces without compromising the design of the space. There is a way to house your guest bedroom and another room together – and to do it tastefully!  

If you’re using your guest bedroom as a storage space, be sure you have enough storage to hide the clutter. Even if you’re organized with your storage, putting extra items where others can’t see them can reduce overwhelm. Invest in baskets, cabinets, drawers, shelving and under the bed storage.

Guest rooms that double as gyms are similar to storage spaces. Be sure that there’s a way to put the workout equipment in a place where your guests can’t see it. If you’re picking out flooring, consider utilizing hardwood, which will absorb less smell. Invest in a good rug that still leaves room for your yoga mat, rather than carpet. This creates a space that is homey for guests, but practical for you.  

For guest bedrooms that are also used as an office, try and find a way to hide or put the technology for your office away. This can help create a more restful feeling in your guest bedroom. Also, make sure that your guest bedroom has enough space to house the necessities of a guest room, plus a desk. You, and your guests, don’t want to feel cramped and like you can’t move around.

All of these situations are great opportunities to use multifunctional furniture. Look for pieces that are two things in one, like a desk that can double as a dressing table. Or, invest in a bed that folds up into a couch when it’s not in use.

A guest bedroom in a loft is styled using minimalism. The room includes a couple of candles, plants, a bed, and a bench.
A little extra space to spread out can make a big difference for your guests. Notice how the shelf is a perfect height to stow suit cases under!

Remember the Essentials When Designing Your Guest Bedroom

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s how precious time is with the people you care about. When entertaining guests this year, show them how much they mean to you by curating a comfortable space. Who knows, maybe they’ll even extend their stay. 

That said, we know it’s not always easy to pull a room together on your own. A room can get too busy, or it might be hard for you to find multifunctional furniture. That’s where a designer can help.

If executing your guest room interior design is intimidating, reach out. We’d love to help you create a space that makes all of your guests feel at home.



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