What Your Vacation Home Gains From Vail Interior Designers


Few other mountain towns in Colorado can truly compare to the quaint nature of Vail. With rustic charm and scenic outdoor activities, Vail is definitely one of the best places in the Colorado Rockies to own a vacation home. There is nothing quite like ending a terrific vacation day in the comfort of your highly personalized vacation property. After all, it is your vacation home, so there’s no reason to not personalize your living spaces to your heart’s content. If you have a vision of how you want to improve your vacation home, top Vail interior designers can help bring that unique dream to life.

When you leverage the skills of an interior design professional, you and your Vail vacation home will both benefit in a number of ways. Let’s briefly discuss a few specific ways that an interior designer can improve your vacation property.

Custom Designs Aligned With Your Aesthetics

Your vacation home has charm and character, but we’d wager that there are some living spaces that could be greatly improved. Whether you’d like some rooms to become more spacious or you just want to slightly adjust the overall aesthetics of your Vail vacation home, an expert interior designer can help translate your custom vision into real-world results.

An experienced Vail interior designer will work to develop a comprehensive understanding of your envisioned living spaces. Through a series of in-person conversations, your interior designer will gain a clearer picture of your property goals, artistic vision, personal aesthetics, budgetary constraints, and more. From there, your interior designer will:

  • Make specific design recommendations and suggestions that are aligned with your custom vision.
  • Leverage their vendor connections to pinpoint the right furnishings to include in your redesigned living space.
  • Refer to you contractors, architects and other industry connections to deliver a more polished final product.

You already have the finished redesign pictured in your mind. All you really need is a creative design professional to tie together all the little details and turn your current mountain property into your dream vacation home.

A Stronger ROI

Vacationing in Vail is nothing short of an amazing experience, but your little “home away from home” won’t always retain the same appeal to you and your family. At some point in the future, you will inevitably grow tired of your vacation routine in Vail and you’ll want to move your family getaways to new locations. Eventually you will become eager to sell your vacation home and you’ll be happy that you invested wisely with one of the top Vail interior designers ahead of time.

You might be surprised at how even the simplest room remodel can add thousands of dollars to your property’s value. In fact, even a minor kitchen remodel of roughly $15,000 can recoup roughly 98% of that cost at the time of resale. While other room remodels can have varying influence on your property ROI, most of the common room redesigns can add significant value to your mountain home.

And let’s not forget about the highly competitive nature of the real estate market of Vail. This town is definitely a current hot-spot for residential real estate and it is showing little signs of cooling down any time soon. In this seller’s market, you can rest assured that you’ll reap the maximum rewards later on for investing in and improving your interior spaces now.

Environmental Savings

Like many of the other snowy towns in the Colorado Rockies, environmental sustainability is a top priority for many residents in Vail. In fact, this cozy town was recently certified in 2018 as the first sustainable mountain resort destination in the world, and the town proudly wears that certification like a badge of honor. The local community is very conscious of their environmental impacts and most vacationers are as well. If you want to maximize the sustainability of your vacation home, one of the top Vail interior designers can help you out.

At Spark Interiors, we understand sustainable interior design like the back of our own hand, and we aim to prove it with each project that we complete. Our principal designer and company founder, Megan Thompson, holds a BFA in Interior Design, with an emphasis in Green Design. We leverage Megan’s expertise in sustainable interior design on a daily basis for our clients. As our sole interior designer, Megan understands how to accurately calculate the lifetime CO2 emissions from your construction materials. With the support of our expert designer on your side, we will identify and implement effective ways to minimize the carbon footprint of your vacation home. What could be better than a recurring vacation with minimal environmental impacts?

Upgrade Your Vacation Home With One Of The Top Vail Interior Designers

It’s time to take your vacations to the next level. At Spark Interiors, our high-end interior designer, Megan, is fully prepared to deliver a personalized design experience for you. We will help translate your unique vision into reality while blending sustainable design elements into your renovations. Through our iterative design process, our principal interior designer will work diligently to improve the value of your property and meet your aesthetic preferences.

If you’re considering some renovations for your mountain vacation home, contact Spark Interiors today. Our Vail interior designer would be happy to help remodel your property for you.



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