Here’s how Spark Interiors can help residential and commercial architects


It doesn’t matter if you design townhomes, multifamily, restaurants, or offices – there’s a lot of work that goes into what you do. Sometimes, it doesn’t make sense for you to do all the work on your own. 

Or, there may be some requests for proposals or bigger jobs you’ve wanted to apply for, but couldn’t because you didn’t have an interiors department. If you want to take some of the client load off your plate, or expand your services, we can help. 

From programming to 3D rendering, our studio can support your firm in the way that best fits your processes – so you can work with more clients, with less frustration. 


If programming isn’t something you love, you shouldn’t do it on your own. Imagine someone handing you a deep understanding of the client’s vision, without sifting through their intake form. You have exactly what you need, without spending hours decoding the client’s vision.  

Through in-depth interviews, we extract detailed requirements that drive the design phase. We can also tag into your programming if interior design is something you’re ready to offer, but want to keep aspects of your current programing pertaining to architecture. 

It’s also no problem if you want to do the programming and hire us for one, or more, of the following services. 

Interior space planning

When interior designers and architects aren’t aligned from the beginning of a project changes happen. Some are small, like adjusting the height of a window. Others are more costly, like re-designing a back patio. Bringing in an interior designer can help you avoid costly time and monetary setbacks. 

Imagine turning in a plan and not having to move a door, re-arrange a kitchen, or receive feedback that your client is disappointed in the “dead space” long after framing has been completed. If you don’t have a designer during the interior space planning phase, your client could raise concerns down the road, slowing you down. Plus, what general contractor doesn’t want to work with an architect with a smooth design process and few changes? 

At Spark Interiors, space planning is our forte. Whether it’s a residential kitchen or a hotel lobby, we can provide the expertise to optimize every square inch. Adding an experienced interior designer at this step means you’ll get to work with more clients, because you’ll make fewer changes. You’ll also have more word of mouth traffic when everyone is thrilled with how beautiful the form and function of your designs are. 

Engaging with us from the beginning ensures your architectural vision is fully realized without costly redesigns down the line. 

Finish selections

High-paying clients prefer to work with firms that can provide top-down services, like finish and fixture selections. If this isn’t something your firm currently offers, you could be missing out on potential clients.

We can help with flooring, tile layouts, cabinets, door finishes, molding, hardware, light fixtures, and more. Our selections include both aesthetic appeal and functional utility – offering the best for each project. 

Then, we create the construction documents needed for execution. 

Finish plans, finish schedules, detail drawings, interior elevations and interior specifications

Construction has a reputation of running late. The best way to combat delays on any job site is to be organized ahead of the execution. 

We pride ourselves on our precision and detailed documentation that keep jobs moving forward – even if something ends up running late. Our finish plans, finish schedules and interior specifications include details for all selections, so every contractor can find the information they need and get their portion of the job done on time. 

We can help you keep your job site organized and take some of the cumbersome paperwork off your plate. 

3D renderings

If you need a visual edge to help your clients see their build or re-design, we can provide you with full color 3D renderings. All we need from you is your plans and interior selections. We’ll bring them to life in a way your clients can finally see beyond on a two-dimensional piece of paper. 

We’d love to help you sell your vision in the first meeting.

How is Spark Interiors different?

We pride ourselves on providing an excellent experience for our clients, and your clients. Here’s what makes us different in a world full of interior designers. 

Exceptional organization

Unfortunately, interior designers don’t always have the best reputation when it comes to keeping track of their projects. If that’s been your experience in the past, rest assured Spark Interiors is the opposite. 

We use a portal to keep track of projects, and each project has its own dashboard. When it’s time to run construction documents they’re legible and organized. We use have both CAD and REVIT so we can work in the same software as your firm to keep everything in its place. The detailed delivery means there’s no scrambling on site or behind the scenes. 

We’re organized in a way that makes sense to architects, general contractors and clients. 

Sustainable design guidance

Sustainable builds used to be an unexpected surprise. Today, however, more and more people are looking for or require sustainable practices in their build. Sometimes the owner’s goal is to reduce their carbon footprint, while others may want to improve the indoor air quality of their space. 

From sustainable stand-alone homes to apartment complexes and retail shops, we can guide you and your client through sustainable design decisions that are functional and beautiful. 

Sustainable builds are no longer a niche, they’re now a necessity. Add them to your services with our help. 

White glove service

We have experience working on multi-million dollar residential and commercial projects. We understand the expectations they, and you have. Exceptional service isn’t an option for high-paying clients, it’s the only way they’ll trust you with their build. 

With our state-of-the-art programs and services and exceptional customer service, we make planning a new build or a remodel a seamless experience for your clients. 

Versatile support

We’re available to be client facing or work behind the scenes, white-labeling under your firm. Whatever works best for you is ideal for us. 

Package pricing

For architects, we offer transparent, flat-fee packages so you can build us into your proposals, and mark us up. You’re not only offering more services, and landing bigger clients, you’re also able to make more money by including interior design if it’s not something you currently offer. 

We help residential and commercial architects


Have additional questions about our services? Browse our FAQs.  

Can I work with you if we’re not located in the same place?

Yes, we can work together even if you’re not in Denver, Vail valley or Summit County. We offer design services for people located anywhere in the US. 

If you aren’t located in one of the places mentioned above, we will be unable to help with implementation, as we don’t have relationships with contractors outside of our home base. 

Can you offer support during the implementation phase?

Yes, we can offer support during the implementation phase if you are located in Denver, Vail Valley, or Summit county. 

Can you support residential architects with interior design planning?

Yes, we can support residential architects with interior design planning. We also have experience across multiple design styles. 

Can you support commercial architects with interior design planning?

Yes, we can support commercial architects with interior design planning. We also have experience across multiple design styles. 

How can we get started?

If you’re ready to work with an organized, professional designer, we’re ready to work with you. Book an intro call to get started. 



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