How To Design An Office Space In Denver


The corporate climate in Denver is unique to say the least. We see everything from start-ups with employees that all work remotely to trendy coworking spaces to iconic headquarters that have been around for centuries. This means that every new office space we work in has different wants and needs to accommodate in the space planning, furniture, lighting and other design elements. While the style of the office space in Denver may change, the fundamentals of a well-executed design plan do not. Let us talk about some of the key factors you will want to consider when designing an office space in Denver.

Space Planning Comes First

Whether you are running a small organization with just a few employees or a major corporation with hundreds of team members to accommodate, how well you use your space is essential to the functionality of your business. A few things come into play when you are space planning:

  • How many different functions need to be performed in your office space?
  • How many employees will need individual workspaces?
  • How many people will need to be in any one space at any given time?

All of these factors should be considered when developing a plan for your office space in Denver. In the space planning process, you will also want to consider the office environment you want to facilitate. The interior design of your office space should compliment your brand identity. Are you a traditional organization that works best with individual offices or cubicles? Does an open workspace that facilitates collaboration fit your business model better? How does your leadership team mingle with the rest of your employees? Will they require a separate wing or office? An experienced interior designer can help you be strategic in the space planning process of your design project to ensure that your office space supports your business model.

Making A Statement

Previously, we have touched on the importance of the lobby or waiting area of your office space in Denver. There is no second chance to make a first impression and this is especially important in business relationships. The design elements of your lobby or waiting area must be congruent with the rest of your brand experience in order to facilitate a positive impression in the mind of your customers or clients. This space in your office is your first opportunity to communicate with your customers or clients, you want to make sure you are saying the right thing.

Designing A Functional Office Space In Denver

Once you have considered the particulars that need to be facilitated through the execution of your design, it is time to get down to the details. Certain elements of design lend themselves to a more positive and productive work experience.

Let There Be Light

Natural light can set the tone of your office space in Denver. In a city that gets more than 300 days of sunshine every year, it is almost cruel not to incorporate natural light into your design plan. Fluorescent lighting has not only been shown to cause headaches and feelings of fatigue, but it is also related to feelings of constriction. Additionally, certain kinds of light can have an impact on your melatonin levels, which, in turn, can affect how alert and focused you feel. Exposure to natural light can improve your productivity. Many design plans incorporate large windows and glass walls to increase the amount of natural light that flows throughout office spaces in Denver.

Find The Right Color

Primary and secondary colors that you utilize for your office space in Denver can also play a key role in the environment. Different colors elicit different feelings and can be used to the benefit of your business when used strategically.

  • Green – thought to facilitate creativity and promote feelings of balance
  • Red – associated with faster reactions and increased energy levels
  • Blue – commonly accepted as one of the most productive colors
  • Brown – brings about mixed emotions, including laziness, seriousness, and practicality
  • Pink – thought to promote calmness and support deescalation
  • White – associated with modern designs, however can lead to distraction due to lack of stimulation

An experienced interior designer can help you utilize color within your office space in Denver to facilitate a psychological effect that is congruent with your business objectives.

It Looks Good, But Does It Function?

When you are selecting furniture for your office space in Denver, you want to make sure aesthetic and functionality are evenly considered in your decision. Your space planning can help you determine the functionality your business will require in each area of your office so that you select furniture with the necessary capabilities. From electrical requirements to storage, each feature must be carefully considered.

Can High-Quality Design Move Your Bottom Line?

The design and execution of your office space in Denver is essential to how well your business functions on a day-to-day basis. A poorly executed design plan can decrease productivity and create a negative office environment.

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