DIY or Hire Help? How to Know When to Hire an Interior Designer in Denver


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Are you itching to make some changes in your home and getting caught up in the latest DIY trends? Perhaps you’ve stumbled upon that TikTok of a resourceful mom transforming her coat closet into a mini office and thought, “I bet I could do that…”

The challenge may sound fun. Sure, you’ve got kids, friends, work obligations, volunteering and more that you’ve committed to. How hard could it be to pick out some paint and some flooring on your own? 

Fast forward two weeks and you’re standing in the middle of your living room surrounded by boxes of furniture you ordered online, with a hammer in one hand and an instruction manual in the other. You thought replacing your floors would be a breeze, but now you’re knee-deep in wood planks, and your DIY skills are nowhere to be found. And that trendy sectional you bought? It doesn’t even fit through the door. 

Plus, the wood shelving you’ve ordered from Panama is all cracked. Now what? 

While some projects are quick and easy, hiring an interior designer can help you avoid major mishaps and ensure your home looks beautiful and functions well. Here’s how to know when to DIY and when to hire an interior designer.

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How Interior Design Enhances Your Space

Working with an interior designer creates more than a beautiful space. Great design evokes a feeling when you enter the room. Plus, it makes your life easier and function smoothly. Amazing spaces feel like they were built with you in mind – often because they are!  


Interior designers consider the purpose of a space and who will be using it. Even small or awkward spaces are a breeze for interior designers because they know how to make the most of limited square footage using creative storage solutions and multi-functional furniture. 

The right layout, furniture, fixtures, and lighting ensure smooth traffic flow, ease of use, and make your room practical for everyday activities. After all, what good is a beautiful room if you can’t actually use it?


Interior designers are mostly known for creating visually appealing rooms. The proper use of color, lighting, texture, pattern, and other design elements can impact the mood and ambiance of any space.

A well-designed interior can evoke emotion, create a sense of harmony and balance, and reflect your style and preferences. Having a space that balances light, color, texture, and personalized touches can even improve your mental health

Safety and Comfort

Interior design isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s also about keeping you safe and comfortable. While safety might not be top of mind when you think of design, your interior designer will know the importance of things like low VOC paint to improve air quality and following building codes in the room layout to avoid safety hazards. 

They’ll also consider factors like ergonomics, lighting, acoustics, and ventilation to create a space you love to live or work in. A dimly lit room or an overcrowded space with awkwardly placed furniture can make you feel uneasy and uncomfortable. 

Thinking about the layout and the personal needs of your family will help your designer create an inviting space.

Increased Value

Well-designed interiors can increase the market value of your home. You’ve likely heard the phrase “curb appeal” for enhancements made to outside spaces and the interior of your home is no different. A visually appealing and functional interior will attract potential buyers or tenants, create a positive impression, and make your space stand out.

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When to Hire an Interior Designer in Denver

While we all want the value an interior designer can bring to our home, some projects may not need one. So how do you know when it’s time to work with a professional or when to tackle a project on your own?

When You Value Your Time 

Hiring an interior designer can be a great way to save time during your design project. They’ll handle many time-consuming tasks like sourcing materials, coordinating contractors, and managing timelines. 

This is especially helpful when you’re facing a schedule filled with work, kids, traveling, and volunteering. If you need something done quickly, interior designers have connections to help get your project done faster than you could on your own. 

Interior designers are up-to-date on trends, products, and technologies to speed up the process and stay on schedule. They have the expertise to avoid frustrating or costly mistakes (like not ordering enough tile) and help maximize your budget. 

If You Don’t Have the Necessary Experience

Never done a home project before? you should probably hire an interior designer. 

You can’t begin to imagine the mistakes you could make if you’ve never done something before. YouTube videos can only take you so far. If you get in over your head refinishing your kitchen cabinets you’ll be stuck with a mess you don’t know how to fix.

Knowledgeable designers can navigate building codes, permits, and regulations, especially in Denver where there may be specific requirements. If you think a home remodel is expensive now, imagine having to pay someone to do it again for you. Having the proper plans in place will save you from costly mistakes. 

When You Want to Make a Smart Investment

Working with an interior designer is also a great investment. If you’re planning to sell your property in the next 3-5 years, hiring an interior designer can help you get the maximum return on investment. They can create a timeless design that still suits your personal style, rather than following fleeting trends. This means you won’t be stuck with an all-gray house featuring outdated hexagon tiles or funky wallpaper that doesn’t appeal to potential buyers.  

If You’re Designing Unique Spaces or for Complex Remodels

When it comes to complex remodels or unique spaces, hiring an interior designer is essential. An experienced designer understands design principles, space planning, and material selection that bring even the most challenging projects to life.

Structural changes are necessary when moving walls or adding on to your home. A Denver interior designer can help ensure this is done correctly and safely. 

When You Want a Specific Design Aesthetic

A good designer should help walk you through the aesthetic you’re looking for. You might say you like modern design when you really want an organic modern aesthetic with tons of natural light. This helps them guide your decisions to choose the materials you’ll love. 

They’ll also find solutions to tricky limitations like how to display your partner’s sports memorabilia in a way that won’t take away from the design. A Denver interior designer knows that you want to showcase your Denver Bronco of Avalanche vintage gear!

If you’re dealing with a house that isn’t your preferred style, a designer can help create a space that feels more like home. Maybe you love the location, but don’t love the heavy mid-century vibe. Interior designers can tone down elements that aren’t to your taste while mixing in your personal style to make the space feel thoughtful and intentional.

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When To Do a Project on Your Own

While you may wish to hire a designer for all your updates, there are some instances you may decide to not enlist the help of an interior designer in Denver. 

Small-Scale Updates

You don’t need to hire a designer every time you make a change to your home. Want to see if a new furniture layout works for you? Move around the pieces you already own and try it for a few days. You can buy the pieces you need if you decide you like the changes. 

Repainting a small room is a great DIY, just make sure you know how to choose the right color before you get started!

Simple Cosmetic Changes

Changing the lighting or hardware or swapping out old textiles can give your room an instant facelift and likely doesn’t need a designer. Try adding table lamps or bringing home a few pillow covers to see what you like. These simple DIY projects are quick and easy and will make a big impact. 

Budget-Friendly Projects

When you need to make some functional changes and want to keep it budget-friendly, you may not need a designer. For example, redecorating your home office to add a larger desk and some extra storage may be easy to do on your own. But if you’re taking on a kitchen renovation, hiring an interior designer is a great investment. 

Even if you think a project may be too small for an interior designer, it may be worthwhile to contact one and have a conversation. Many offer consulting hours where you can pick their brain on design ideas! 

They’ll help you determine what you truly want out of your design.

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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Denver Interior Designer

When choosing an interior designer, you’ll need to know your budget, timeline, and scope of work. Here are a few questions you’ll also want to ask. 

  • What interior design services do you offer? 

Examples of services may include consultation, space planning, creating design concepts, purchasing materials, and project management. Spark Interiors offers a full-service interior design in the Denver area, Summit county, and in Vail, so our clients never have to worry about contacting multiple contractors or tracking down the couch they love.

  • What locations do you serve? 

You need to know if your designer works in the area of your project. Spark Interiors is a Denver-based interior design firm serving clients from the Metro Area to Summit county, and the Vail Valley. We can also accommodate some projects out of our area by working with you remotely! If you’re looking for an interior designer in Denver, we should chat.

  • How do you determine charges and will this project fit into my budget?

Interior designers may charge an hourly rate, a flat rate, or a percentage of the total project. This will help determine if you can fit them into your budget and they’ll be able to help you understand if your budget is realistic for the project at hand.

  • What is your favorite design style and do you have examples of recent projects?

While skilled designers are able to create a space just for you, it’s helpful to know what interior design styles they’re most familiar with. If you love Euro Modern design, but your designer leans toward Coastal aesthetics, you’ll want to be sure they understand your vision before you get started.

  • What is your interior design process like?

It’s helpful to know the steps your designer will take to complete your interior design project. You’ll get a glimpse into how organized they’ll be and what type of communication you can expect. 

Spark Interiors offers a white-glove process where we take care of everything, but we also give our clients the opportunity for input so we know they’ll love their new space. 

  • Do you work with local contractors?

Even if your designer won’t be part of every step of a project (like installing plumbing for new bathroom fixtures), they’ll likely be able to recommend reliable contractors they know and trust. This can save time and money because you know you’ll be getting quality work.

  • What are your top areas of focus when you start a new project?

This question will help you understand how the designer will approach your space. If they focus on functionality, lighting, and your personal taste, you know they’ll take your lifestyle into consideration when making design decisions.

  • How do you reduce your impact on the environment?

You may not have considered the impact of your remodeling project, but a sustainable interior designer has. 

A recent study by the EPA found the average residential remodel created 22 pounds of waste per square foot. Spark Interiors strives to reduce that by following sustainable interior design principles and proper waste disposal. We’ve also pledged to plant 10 trees for every client invoice paid. This helps us to reduce the carbon footprint created by your design project.

How to find the right interior designer for your home.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Interior Designer in Denver? 

The cost of hiring an interior designer in Denver can vary widely depending on the scope of the project, the designer’s level of experience, and the location and size of the space being designed. 

On average, you can expect to pay $200+ an hour for a professional interior designer in Colorado. Some designers may charge a flat fee based on the scope of the project, which could range from a few thousand dollars for a small room redesign to tens of thousands of dollars for a large-scale remodel or new construction project. Well-known or experienced firms usually have a minimum for their services so be sure to ask what the upfront investment will be. 

Don’t forget to factor in unexpected costs that will likely pop up like delays in your timeline or installation challenges.

We break these numbers down even further in our Cost of Remodeling in Colorado blog for Colorado homeowners. 

It’s important to keep in mind that hiring an interior designer is an investment in your home and can ultimately save you time and headache by avoiding costly mistakes.  

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Things to Consider When Hiring an Interior Designer in Denver

  • Budget, timeline, and scope of work: Get clear on your budget, when you want the project completed, and what you want included. These all impact the total cost and help the designer know if they’ll be the right person for your project. You can book a Design Session to get started outlining your budget with us! 
  • Communication preferences: If you’re someone who likes regular updates and to be part of the process, let them know! Ask how they work with their clients so expectations are clear. If you’re hiring a designer, it’s important to trust them and their direction, but a good designer is open to suggestions and changes along the way. Their goal is to build trust and create a successful partnership so you’re happy with your project!
  • Services offered: Ask what your designer will be managing and what you’ll need to do on your own. Will they work with contractors and order materials or do you need to coordinate that on your own? 

For example, Spark Interiors can order and house all products in our warehouses until it’s time to bring them to your home. This way you don’t need to be home to sign for packages or worry about things being damaged on site.

To find a reputable and experienced interior designer in Colorado ask to see their portfolio and for a list of references. Many will also have certifications and credentials they’ll be happy to share with you.

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How to Hire an Interior Designer in Denver

Hiring an interior designer may sound daunting, but it’s actually a very simple and fun process. Like Spark Interiors, most designers have a contact form on their website to gather general info about your project. We know the right questions to ask to see if we’ll be the right designers for your space.

Investing in interior design now means you’ll be able to enjoy a beautiful and functional space while increasing the value of your home in the long run.

Ready to get started on your Denver interior design project? Connect with Spark Interiors by filling out our contact form. We can’t wait to hear about your project!



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