Your 2020 Design Guide From Our Denver Interior Designer


Every year, the most popular design trends shift to something else. One year neutral tones might be in and then the next year they’re out again. Interior design trends are constantly changing and it’s not easy to stay on top of all the updates and industry fluctuations. There are, however, a handful of important trends that will maintain a level of significant relevance throughout the next few years. Whether you’re eager to update your interior decor or you’re interested in remodeling a few living spaces, our Denver interior designer rounded up some of the most critical trends that you should stick to within your home.

Avoid The Throwaway Furniture

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past two decades, you’ve definitely heard of the powerhouse furniture manufacturer that is IKEA. This Swedish company started as a niche furniture supplier decades ago and has morphed into the world’s largest furniture retailer. Due to IKEA’s significant growth, American society has shifted away from inheriting durable heirloom furniture sets to buying disposable furniture pieces that last no longer than a few years.

This throwaway furniture trend is, obviously, incredibly wasteful. You save yourself some cash in the short-term when you buy disposable furniture, but you pay for worse quality furnishings that just end up in a landfill within a few years. Consumers have thankfully started to become aware of this trend and they have started to shift back to more longer-lasting furniture pieces.

As a top Denver interior designer, we’d recommend that you stock your living spaces with sturdier and more durable furniture sets. Trust us: Furniture that is built to last will be far more comfortable and far more pleasing to the eye. Don’t sacrifice quality and craftsmanship for a reduced cost! At the end of the day, you get what you pay for. In 2020, so it’s time to officially ditch the throwaway furniture trend with better home furnishings.

More Sustainable Materials

Sustainability has gained significant relevance in our society over the past decades, and for good reason! The effects of climate change can only be reduced when we all make conscious efforts towards a more sustainable society. While you can make changes to your commutes and dietary habits, you should also consider changing the materials that you use in your living spaces.

It has become more important than ever before to integrate more sustainable materials into your home. You can, of course, continue to go about your interior design however you see fit. You’ll just need to think through the sustainability and eco-friendly nature of your design materials. As you research and decide on your home materials, you should consider:

  • The manufacturing process – How does the manufacturing of a given material impact the environment? Where did the raw materials originate?
  • The total embodied energy of your materials – How much energy was consumed during the production, manufacturing, and transportation of your materials?
  • The lifespan of the materials – How long will these products last? Where will they go when you are finished using them?

Our principal Denver interior designer recently wrote an introductory article on sustainable interior design. We will continue to publish new posts and videos on other sustainability topics of interior design in the near future. As you make your decor decisions and furniture selections, use our introductory resource as a helpful guide.

Earth Tones

Color trends change every year! It’s just how the interior design industry operates. In 2020, the color trends are beginning to align with the sustainable design trend that we just discussed. We’ve found that most consumers are starting to return to more natural and earthy tones within their living spaces. Homes, offices, and retail areas alike are starting to look rawer, wilder, and more natural.

This year, you may start to find more colors and textures in homes and commercial spaces that mimic basic natural elements. We can expect the dominant interior colors to shift to more rich forest greens, along with taupe and clay colors to create more natural-looking rooms. These tones will extend from your wall colors to your furnishings, home accessories, and more. If you want the interior design of your Denver residence to look more natural, make sure your color patterns align with those earthy tones.

Off-Trend Is Becoming On-Trend

Everyone has a personal preference for certain design styles and decor elements. Your personal inclinations will dictate how you respond to specific design choices, as you might personally prefer one design trend over another. In the subjective world of interior design, there are a number of overplayed styles and design elements that crowd many homes. Whether it’s word art wall decor, plain gray areas, or minimalist living spaces, on-trend design elements are becoming too overused.

It’s time for more unique design elements to shine through the crowded sea of interior decor choices. As 2020 continues forward, off-trend and unusual design materials will become more prominently featured in the furnishings and the architecture of interior spaces. We are, after all, living in an age of hyper-personalization, where all of our products and services are becoming more tailored to us as individuals. So, why not apply that same level of personalization to your interior design?

Now is the time to use your interior spaces to showcase who you really are! Let your interior decor choices reflect your personality and create a space to tell your authentic story. 2020 is the year for off-trend designs to shine and thrive!

Make The Most Out Of Your Living Spaces With A Top Denver Interior Designer

It’s not always easy to decorate your space on your own. As an experienced interior designer in Denver, we can help bring your personality to life on your walls and within your home. At Spark Interiors, we specialize in creating highly-customized living spaces that effectively balance space functionality with personal aesthetics. We can help bring your dream interior design to live and ensure that every design material matches your sustainability standards. With our support, your new living spaces will effectively speak to who you are as a person.

Maximize the impact of your interior spaces by contacting the top Denver interior designer at Spark Interiors today.



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