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A bedroom door is ajar and we can see a bed, with a sign that says "Be Our Guest"

Make Your Guests Feel Like VIPs with Your Guest Room Interior Design

Guest rooms are funny spaces. They often end up with eclectic, left over furniture or little effort into their design. But, a little intentional planning can turn your guest bedroom into a luxury space rather than a room that was thrown together. In our most recent blog post, we include information on what items are must-haves, additional pleasantries that will make your guests’ stay more enjoyable, and design tips!

End of Life: How to Dispose of Unneeded Items After a Remodel

Getting ready for a home remodel or a remodel project? Have you included time for deconstruction instead of demolition? Deconstruction is carefully extracting items and materials from your home that can be recycled or repurposed. We know that it can be hard to find the right place to donate to, so we’ve created a list of many odd item recycling and donation centers for home remodeling. Even if you’re not doing a remodel, it’s always good to know which organizations take what items, just in case!

Evaluating the Cost of a Remodeling Project in Colorado

The scariest thing you can do when remodeling your home is not do your homework and plan your budget. Even if you’re designing your dream home, you want to go into the remodeling process with your eyes wide open and your bank account prepared. On our latest blog post, Evaluating Cost Before a Furniture Remodel in Colorado, you can learn about what a Colorado remodel really costs. That way, when you’re ready to start knocking down walls, you’ll be prepared.

Upscaling in Uptown

Upscaling in Uptown THE REMODEL DETAILS This full condo remodel included the kitchen, guest bathroom, principal bathroom and closet. We also elevated the space with new flooring and window treatments throughout the home. The condo is located in the Uptown neighborhood in Denver, Colorado. Spark Interiors completed the project in the fall of 2021. MEET …

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3 Benefits Of Having An Interior Designer Select Your Furniture

When you are in the trenches of turning your house into your dream home, an interior designer can be a saving grace. From space planning to finishing selections, having the expertise of a design professional makes the process of transforming your home much smoother than when you go at it alone. There are many reasons …

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BLUE PROJECT TYPE Bathroom Renovation, Brighton Colorado. Completed in 2020. CLIENT BACKGROUND John was one of my very first clients I 2013.  At that time, we worked to add a powder room, install new hardwood flooring, paint colors, lighting, and window shades on the first floor of his modern townhome in Brighton, Colorado. He was …

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PINK PROJECT TYPE Bathroom & Closet Renovation, Arvada Colorado. Completed in 2019 CLIENT BACKGROUND These fabulous clients came to us looking for a retreat. They had just closed on their new home together and needed help making sense of the modest ensuite in their primary bedroom. The closet forced the bathroom as it existed into …

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