Megan Thompson

sustainable luxury appliances

Sustainable Luxury Appliances: Future-Focused High-End Living

Old appliances can be frustrating. They can use a lot of water and energy. They sometimes don’t work when you need them to. Plus, they can have funny quirks or limits that impact your day to day. All of these things are reason enough to consider investing in a new appliance. The future of appliances is striking a balance between sleek design, smart technology, luxury, and sustainability.

commercial office remodel

How to Talk About Your Commercial Office Remodel in Your ESG Report

Commercial office remodels are big financial investments, even with generous tenant improvement allowances. Who doesn’t want to make the most of that money? By ‘make the most of that money’ we mean create a positive impact on our planet and community with the remodel. Learn how to think about, and plan for a remodel while taking into account the information you could include in your next ESG report.

DIY or Hire Help? How to Know When to Hire an Interior Designer in Denver

Sometimes you’ll take a look at the tiles in your kitchen and think, “I could replace those on my own.” Or maybe you’re shopping for furniture in a funky space and think, “I’ve bought furniture every other time in my life, what could go wrong?” There are certain situations where engaging an interior designer on your project can make a huge difference in your space and overall happiness. Check out our latest blog post to ensure you engage an interior designer when you really need one!