Megan Thompson

Commercial Interior Designer Denver

Commercial Interior Design: Hire an Interior Designer to Take Your Business to the Next Level

Have you ever walked into a store or a business, had an uncomfortable feeling, then immediately turned around and walked out? If so, there’s a good chance the business you left didn’t hire an interior designer. Thoughtful, sustainable, emotion evoking design gives people an emotional response. It can also help businesses get more customers in the door of their restaurant, or retain hard earned employees.

European Modern Home Design Tips

Design Aesthetics Explained: European Modern Homes

European Modern is an ideal style for a forever home because it never goes out of style. The style utilizes old world touches such as stone, intricately carved wood, and a neutral color palette, in tandem with modern day finishes that are practical for the way we live today. The European Modern style seamlessly straddles old and new to create a homey space. Learn more about this design style in our latest blog.

Sustainably Decorate Your Home for the 2022 Holiday Season

Sustainably Decorate the Inside and Outside of Your Home for the 2022 Holiday Season

54% of Americans feel less excited about the holidays because of the trash we accumulate… and that trash starts with decorations. Rather than ba-humbug your holiday cheer, we’ve got lots of great ideas of how to decorate your home sustainably this holiday season. You may be surprised how moving away from plastic trinkets can actually complement and elevate your interior design, all while being festive, merry, and bright!