At Spark Interiors, our passion for creating beautiful, functional spaces is matched only by our dedication to sustainability. Today, I’m thrilled to share a new chapter in our journey toward greener design: Interior Design greenList. This membership-based platform is my second venture, and I couldn’t be more proud to share it with you. Interior Design greenList represents our commitment to making eco-conscious choices more straightforward and accessible for interior designers everywhere.

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Contemporary Interior Design Characteristics

When someone is redesigning their home, we aim to create a space you’ll love forever. If you’re someone who values spaces that are timeless, “in” and stylish, this can be harder to accomplish. Yet, contemporary design sets a solid foundation so your space never goes out of style. Simply do regular upkeep and your space will always feel fresh and current.

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Building a Home in Colorado? Avoid These 6 Mistakes

Building a home in Colorado is an exciting, and sometimes once in a lifetime opportunity. So if you’re going to build a home, you want to make sure you do it right. While there are some general best practices when it comes to building a home, our latest blog includes 6 mistakes to avoid that are specific to our state.

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Hospitality Interior Design tips for your new space

IWhat does aesthetically pleasing, health, functionality, employees and guests all have in common? They all need to be considered when creating an interior design for any hospitality space. If you’ve got a hospitality project coming up – reach out. We’d love to chat about your project

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residential and commercial architects, we can help elevate your firm

Are you an residential or commercial architect who needs some interior design support? Tired of talking to clients for hours in the programming stage, or wish you had someone who could help you create a 3D mock up of the space you’re envisioning? Good news – we can help. We support architects as partners or white label designers. Learn more about our services.

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What's is a sustainable interior designer?

If you’re new to our blog, you may be too afraid to ask, “What’s a sustainable interior designer?” There’s no shame in being curious around eco-friendly or green designers. Yet, there are some key differences between sustainable designers and traditional ones. Here’s everything you need to know.

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What you should ask an interior designer

We know it can be easy to sit on the fence when it comes to scheduling a call. They’re intimidating! If you want to make sure you’re really ready to hop on a call with an interior designer and start your project, check out our latest blog post. Once you’ve checked all the boxes in it, you’re ready for a call!

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Prioritizing eco-friendly homes with eco-friendly kitchen design

In our most recent blog post, we’ve shared tips on how to design a sustainable kitchen. This isn’t a plug for bees wax or composting, rather we’re sharing tips on how to make sustainable decisions while doing a remodel or new build. Learn about innovative eco-friendly materials, the benefits of a timeless aesthetic, and practical ways to reduce your environmental impact.

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Colorado Modern Interior Design

Ever wonder how to blend sleek, modern aesthetics with rustic charm? You may be looking for a Colorado modern style home. Our most recent blog post goes into detail on the specifics for this design style, like clean lines, neutral colors, and local materials. A great mix of function and sustainability, this style brings the great outdoors of the Centennial State into your home!

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sustainable luxury appliances

Old appliances can be frustrating. They can use a lot of water and energy. They sometimes don’t work when you need them to. Plus, they can have funny quirks or limits that impact your day to day. All of these things are reason enough to consider investing in a new appliance. The future of appliances is striking a balance between sleek design, smart technology, luxury, and sustainability.

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