Is your home ready for more remote learning?


While we are so glad to have made it through the end of the school year, the fall semester is waiting right around the corner.  Have you asked yourself if your home is ready for another round of home-school?

Every district seems to be putting out different information at this time, but what we have gathered from our clients is that the fall may be a hybrid of remote learning and on campus learning.  While this does provide some relief to parents, there is still a bit of concern with having the kids at home.  Here are some things to consider ahead of time so that you can be sure your home (and kids) are ready for whatever the school districts decide this fall.

Dedicated Space 

The number one question many people have had to answer, is regarding where to designate space for learning from home.  Some children need supervision, while others will be able to work on their own.  If you have more than one child you are also going to need to make sure that the space you provide supports everyone, which can be difficult with different learning types.  If you are considering dedicating a guest room, or converting some basement space into a “school room” you will need to consider the learning styles and need for supervison.  If you are not able to accomodate a dedicated space, then we need to help you to understand flex-space.


Flexible space is a space that can be used for multiple uses: ie the living room is now the new school room during the day, but still the social gathering room at night.  How can we design for 2 uses so that the function of one doesn’t get in the way of the other?  We can use unique and custom-design furniture peices such as the “Lil Butts,” a convertable desk to seating option designed by industrial designer Samantha Donen.  Her design is great because it can be used as a desk for little ones, a lap desk for bigger kids, and converts into seating that fits adult sized booties! (pictured above) It has a dry erase surface, is easy to store, and looks good as well.

How to get started

Before deciding whether you need help getting set up for remote learning from home, ask yourself which of the types of space is right for you?  Dedicated space may sound great, but your children may need more help and supervison throughout the day which leads to constant interruptions.  Flex-space could be a really attractive option, but if you are also working from home in the same space you may not be able to focus, or your children may not be able to.  Is there an area in your home that provides some visability so you can hold your kids accountable, and at the same time provides everyone with some sound privacy for quality concentration?  That may be the perfect solution, and we can work to help you plan and organize the space to meet your needs.

Other Considerations

Depending upon the age and learning style of your child, there are a few other things to consider beyond where to put them during the day.  Kids need an environment that allows for both focused work as well as creative play and structured brain breaks.  We can help you to design a space that promotes both left and right brain activities and provides them with the opportunity for quiet focus when needed.

Regardless of what is yet to come, we have some time now to get ahead of the game, so you can enjoy the rest of your summer with peace of mind that your kiddos will be safe and ready to learn this fall.


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